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  • Would I be able to maintain my site?
    Yes, there's an EASE OF USE - FOR YOU! ​Once we hand off your new site, you will be able to make simple updates, internally. Such as changing specials offerings, adding new job listings, changing out photography or adding new team members.
  • Why do you use Wix?
    ADVANCED OPTIONS - FOR US While WIX originally offered mainly “plug and play” templates and features, they have grown to include custom coding, application integration, and developer modification. We can go deep into tech on the platform while still providing client “drag and drop” easy access areas.
  • Do you offer maintenance?
    Yes we do! A website has CONTINUAL DEVELOPMENT. WIX's offerings growth and adjustment, based on customer feedback, is on fire. The platform is rapidly advancing and updating its functions and features based on feedback. As a WIX Agency Partner, The JC & BW directly contributes to its “priority development needs” funnel. We will discuss your maintenance packages at your scheduled meeting.
  • Would I have access or ownership to my website?
    We have RELEASED THE SHACKLES! ​While we are alwys here for technical support. All websites are transferred once payment is completed.
  • All of my information is on another platform, is that okay?"
    The JC & BW fields plenty of requests to pull clients from other popular platform. Sometimes starting with replicating the near-same design and navigation. It’s wonderful to free clients from having to depend on developer or coder availability and accessibility to make simple updates to their own site!
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